Do You Have an Exit Plan for Your Green Industry Business?

Are You Counting on Your Business to Fund Your Retirement or Other Activities?

If you are like most green industry business owners, you don’t have an exit plan, but you are counting on the value of your business to fund your retirement or other activities.
That’s a prescription for disaster – or at least unfulfilled goals and dreams.

That’s why we created Green Exit University.  Green Exit University is a cost-effective approach to empower green industry business owners to develop their own exit strategies and plans.
Green Exit University is a twelve module training program that walks green industry business owners through the process of developing their own exit plan.  Each module consists of one or more video presentations, supplemental reading, exercises applying the information you learn to your business and a quiz to measure your progress.  The modules are delivered at a comfortable pace – one per week for twelve weeks.  Take up to six months to complete it all.  During the course, you have unlimited access to The Principium Group team by email to address your questions and business-specific issues along with support for the use of the program.  If you like, you can add four hours of telephone consulting and/or a professional market value assessment to the package.Green Exit University is a cost-effective approach to get started on exit planning and improve your chances of being able to realize your goals and objectives when you are ready to exit your business.

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