What Are You Doing Next? Here’s What One Landscape Services Client Did After He Sold His Business

We always ask our prospective business sale clients what they are planning to do after they sell their business.  If they have a really hard time answering that question, we know they might possibly not be ready to sell.

Dave Dworsky Launches Dr. PaveWe always enjoy following what our clients who sell but aren’t ready to retire do for an encore performance.  We are going to begin telling some of their stories here in this bnlog.

One story playing out right now is Dave Dworsky, who sold his landscape services business n the Los Angeles area to The Brickman Group nearly three years ago.

Dave started a business focusing on asphalt repair (think potholes from this winters ice and snow) using high-tech infrared technology.  The service business is called Dr. Pave and  is considering franchising.  Here’s a link to a recent article about Dr. Pave, “Local Entrepreneur Launches Pothole Repair Service.”  He got so involved in the industry, he has also been named president of HeatWurx, the equipment manufacturer that supplies Dr. Pave with infrared equipment.