Village Nurseries Acquires Miramar

ORANGE, Calif.–Village Nurseries Wholesale, LLC, a specialty grower for landscape professionals,  announced it has purchased Miramar Wholesale Nurseries, Inc. in San Diego, Calif. for an undisclosed amount. The deal represents one of the largest nursery acquisitions in California in many years and is expected to add $11 million to $12 million to Village Nurseries’ sales in 2014.

village-nersury-logoEstablished in 1993, Miramar Wholesale Nurseries provides landscape plant materials for commercial property managers and landscape contractors in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Imperial and Riverside counties. Its 200-acre site houses a 170-acre wholesale operation, a commercial landscape center and an expert team of horticulturists.

The landscape center, one of the finest in San Diego County, will serve as Village Nurseries’ first super landscape center at twice the size of their other four California centers. The acquisition will also expand Village Nurseries’ growing acreage approximately 20 percent, from 700 acres to 870 acres.

“This acquisition is important for two reasons,” explained David House, Village Nurseries CEO. “First, it allows us to bolster our presence in San Diego by annexing an excellent wholesale nursery in a great climate for growing plants. Second, it positions Village Nurseries to enlarge and increase our offerings to meet the needs of a resurgent real estate market in which landscape architects and designers will be demanding more plantings, and the retail segment will be demanding greater variety for home gardens.”

As a specialty grower, Village Nurseries has forged partnerships with respected growers and breeders such as Monrovia, Anthony Tesselaar International and Sunset Western Garden Collection to provide superior, high-quality plantings that are more vigorous and disease resistant along with exciting foliage, interesting textures and extended blooming periods that most nurseries cannot offer.

One of Village Nurseries’ key initiatives is to continuously offer new and superior plant materials that make it easy to Rethink Your Landscape™ and enable landscape contractors, designers and architects to create beautiful, enduring projects.

SOURCE:  Village Nurseries, Inc.