What Are They Doing Now? Don Hudson – Wildlife X Team

This another in a series of articles about former clients and what they have done after selling their business.

Don Hudson contacted me about five years ago regarding the sale of his nuisance wildlife franchise unit in Dallas-Fort Worth.  He had been very successful and was operating one the company’s largest franchises.

Like many business owners, family issues drove the decision that Don and his wife Tammi made to sell their business.  They had a son who had been diagnosed with autism.  The situation was creating stress in their family, including school problems, health care issues and the overall strain a situation like this can place on a family.  Not only did they feel compelled to downsize from their business to focus on their family, but they also felt a strong calling to help other families going through similar situations.  They knew first hand how hard it is to find services and support and wanted to share   what they had learned with others going through the same thing.

Mainly becausWildlife X Teame it was during the height of the recession, it took some time to complete the business sale.  We became close friends during the business sale process and remained so afterward.  We had many conversations about our families and about new business opportunities.  A remarkable thing happened: their son “outgrew” autism and no longer shows any signs of the disorder.  At the time, I had never heard of such a thing.  We all recognized it as a miracle and an answer to the prayers of many, many people, around the country and around the world.

With his noncompete agreement over, Don began to consider opening a new nuisance wildlife business and decided to launch it in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  It is called Wildlife X Team.  It provides the full range of nuisance wildlife control services, including nuisance wildlife removal, exclusion and damage repair.   Wildlife X Team has developed a very strong team, with a focus on both operations and marketing. It even has a trained zoologist on its team to support the field team with technical issues.

Don decided to launch a franchise operation for Wildlife X Team.  Wildlife X Team now has locations throughout Texas, Tennessee and Utah, with new locations on the near-term horizon.   These locations are a combination of company-owned and franchised locations.  Their goal is to build the business to be a national player in the industry.  I am proud to say we are working with them in connection with the sale of franchises.

To learn more about Wildlife X Team, visit their website at wildlifexteam.com.  To learn more about  Wildlife X Team franchise opportunities, click here.


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