Cicadas and Mergers & Acquisitions

 Around my home right now, the buzz of cicadas is very strong. It is a roar really. It is a different roar from the annual cicadas we hear in the heat of the summer. This is the roar of 13-year cicadas. They were last heard around here in May and June 2002.

Cicadas and Mergers & AcquisitionsThe cicadas go through a cycle. Every 13 or 17 years (depending on the local brood), the cicada nymphs emerge and go through their mating cycle, which is what makes the unbelievable noise. The cicadas mate and lay their eggs within a few weeks. As soon as they hatch, they burrow underground and will not be seen for 13 or 17 years when they will emerge for another mating cycle.

Business owners know there are cycles in business too. A good snow year may be followed by one or more poor ones.   Despite long-term trends, a severe drought may be followed by plentiful rain.

When it comes to mergers & acquisitions, the cycles are not nearly as predictable as 13-year or 17-year cicadas. But there are some similarities. When the mating season comes, there are lots of opportunities for both business byers and business sellers. When the mating season ends, opportunities may dry up quickly and it is not very predictable when the mating season will return.