European Landscape Leader IDVERDE to Acquire BTL in the Netherlands

IDVERDE, the European landscape leader, announced that it is acquiring BTL in the Netherlands.  IDVERDE is a portfolio company of Core Equity Holdings, a Brussels-based private equity firm.
Here is the text of the announcement:

BTL and IDVERDE announced that BTL will be added to the international IDVERDE group.This is the largest integration project in the history of IDVERDE and a great opportunity for BTL to further increase its presence in the Netherlands. With a turnover of € 500 million and 5,000 employees, IDVERDE is the undisputed leader of the European vegetable sector. The company is already based in France, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

BTL is a market leader in the Dutch green sector, with an annual turnover of over € 60 million and around 400 employees. With 15 branches, BTL is active throughout the Netherlands. The green company consists of BTL Advies, a specialized green consultancy and engineering firm, BTL Bomendienst, the knowledge institute in the field of trees and BTL Realisatie also provides the construction and maintenance of the green outdoor space. At the head of BTL are Olaf Janssen and Sandra Eremita. In the new constellation they remain at the helm to further develop the company.

Herve Lançon, managing director of IDVERDE, says: 
“This acquisition confirms IDVERDE’s ability to lead the consolidating trend we currently see in all European countries. By entering the Dutch market, we ensure that the group not only gains additional ground, but also gains more knowledge about Dutch green culture. It was a logical step for IDVERDE to go to the world’s leading country in the field of flowers and plants. The whole group will benefit from this. “

Olaf Janssen, CEO of BTL and former owner, added:
“I can not think of a better home for BTL and its valued employees. This operation is a great opportunity for everyone involved. The cultural and strategic click is perfect. The employees of BTL and IDVERDE are green specialists, both companies are passionate about growing their people and both companies want to continue to improve the value and quality they offer to their customers. I am incredibly proud of what the BTL team has achieved and we are all convinced that joining the IDVERDE family will offer many great opportunities and opportunities. “


IDVERDE is the European market leader for the maintenance and construction of natural and urban outdoor spaces. The group has been deeply rooted in the French and British markets for decades and the group has now achieved a clear leadership position. The group is owned by the management and the financial partners. IDVERDE attaches great importance to sustainable development, is committed to green values ​​and is passionate about training staff.

About BTL

BTL was founded in 1962 and has grown into one of the leading companies within the green sector in the Netherlands. BTL provides an integrated service from vision to design and realization. The green company has years of experience in the most diverse projects and knows how to add value for users and the environment within each sector. BTL customers include local authorities, housing cooperatives, companies, schools, hospitals and construction companies.