Ferrandino & Son Acquires Blue Sky Paving

Ferrandino & Son, a leading national facility maintenance company, has acquired BlueSky Paving, a national asphalt and concrete maintenance and installation company.

“BlueSky Paving brings 30 years of asphalt and concrete experience to our overall value proposition to our clients,” said Peter Ferrandino, Ferrandino & Son CEO. “BlueSky will provide our clients with a total pavement solution while the BlueSky Brand will benefit from the existing resources of Ferrandino & Son, including our existing technology platform, our back end support services and more than 40 Project Managers in the field.”

BlueSky Paving was as much an acquisition of intellectual capital as it was the client relationships that came with them. BlueSky Paving will operate as a separate brand within the multi-site facility space. They will partner directly with their own clients but will also function as an in-house solution for existing Ferrandino & Son clients.

“The acquisition was as much about the synergies in the commercial sector that perfectly aligned with our existing client base as it was about on-boarding the key operational knowledge that we knew would bring immediate credibility to the market,” said Brandon Ramsey, President of Ferrandino & Son. “We expect to see significant opportunities both directly through the BlueSky Brand as well as through the existing clients that call Ferrandino & Son a partner today.”

BlueSky Paving will be located within Ferrandino & Son’s campus in Audubon, PA, approximately 25 miles west of Philadelphia, PA. The campus includes two corporate buildings totaling nearly 50,000 square feet of office space.