Interra Partners Invests in Porvoon Huoltomiehet in Finland

Intera Partners invests in Property maintenance services group Porvoon Huoltomiehet has decided to accept private equity firm Intera Partners as its new co-owner. Porvoon Huoltomiehet aims at EUR 100 million revenue, and Intera invests in the rapidly growing company to support its organic growth through acquisitions. Entrepreneurs Mika Uusi-Simola and Ville Rantala see Intera’s new role as a co-owner as a significant step for the company. “Intera’s investment and resources enable expanding our operations on the national scale and at an accelerating pace. It is important for us that the new partner has an entrepreneurial spirit and shares our vision of the importance of a local and client-driven concept.” Intera’s partner Janne Näränen comments on the reasoning behind the deal: “We see the property maintenance business as an interesting and stable market that has room for a national operator that relies on strong local knowledge. The current owners and staff of Porvoon Huoltomiehet have developed the company, and helped it grown into one of the best firms in the field. In the future, with Intera’s support, the company has all the prerequisites to grow onto the next level and become the forerunner of its industry.” Additional information: Ville Rantala, Porvoon Huoltomiehet, tel. 050 385 1442 Janne Näränen, Intera Partners, tel. 050 566 4869 Porvoon Huoltomiehet Group The national Porvoon Huoltomiehet Group is one of the largest property maintenance companies in Finland. The combined revenue of the companies in the group exceeds EUR 40 million, and currently in 2018 it employs over 500 people. Intera Partners Intera Partners is a Finnish private equity firm focused on growth and committed to sustainable investing. Intera Partners was founded in 2007 and is owned by its employees. Intera Partners currently has 15 portfolio companies in Finland and Sweden. The investors in funds managed by Intera Partners include leading Nordic and European institutional investors.