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Regardless of what you envision for your next chapter, there are four factors that will lead to a happy and lucrative exit from the day-to day operations of your business. Skip one of the four things and you may regret it, like the 75%1 of owners who say they wished they had never sold just one year after exiting.

About PREScore™

PREScore™ (or Personal Readiness to Exit Score) is an 8-minute, online questionnaire that evaluates a business owner’s readiness to exit their company on a personal level. Using an exclusive algorithm, PREScore™ calculates whether a person - and their team - can continue to thrive by identifying their status on 4 drivers of a satisfying exit. PREScore™ determines the at-risk areas and provides personalized recommendations for improvement, helping owners create a personal plan that ensures a happy and lucrative exit.

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