Wellesley, Massachusetts; February 28, 2008 — The Spring Garden Group, Inc. announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the business of Briggs Nursery, Inc. Briggs is recognized as the leading company in North American in providing growers in the U. S. and internationally of products based upon the production of tissue culture plantlets, as well as being a prominent supplier of finished woody ornamental plants primarily in the Northwestern U. S.

Briggs conducts its operations in Elma, Washington from its new tissue culture laboratory constructed in 2006 and related facilities developed and put in place over the past 4 years. The facilities and related high technology greenhouse are considered state-of-the-art in the industry and enable Briggs to supply a broad line of high quality products to its customer base that enables them to expand through broadening their product lines and turning their inventories more rapidly..

Under the new ownership, Dave Jarzynka who had previously spent 10 years as Vice President of Finance and then as President of Briggs, returns to the Company as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Other senior members of management, including Lynne Caton, Manager of the tissue culture laboratory and its related production facilities and Dan Meier, Manager of Production continue in their positions in the Company along with other key personnel of the management team.

Jack Hesse, President of Spring Garden stated: “We are excited about the acquisition of Briggs and its highly experienced management team that gives us an opportunity to build on the important position which Briggs has established in the industry. We will support this team with resources that will facilitate its growth with an objective to become an even more prominent factor in the horticulture industry.” He added: “While Gary Briggs will be retiring from the business, we recognize and commend him for his foresight in building a business that has been in his family and successfully operated in the industry for 96 years.”

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Dave Jarzynka
Briggs Nursery LLC
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