We provide merger & acquisition advisory and business brokerage services to business owners and investors in the following industry sectors:  lawn care, landscape, irrigation, tree care, snow & ice management, vegetation management, sweeping and other facilty services.  Call us today to discuss your plans.

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Within our target industry sectors, which include lawn, landscape, tree care, vegetation management, snow and ice management and facility services,  we represent businesses and business owners in the sale or acquisition of businesses. 

We provide valuation services in connection with exit and strategic planning.  We consult with businesses and business owners  on a wide variety of topics related to mergers & acquisitions, value creation and exit planning. We also consult with investors on matters such as developing acquisition criteria, target identification, and  due diligence.  When appropriate, we work with other consultants, investment bankers and brokers in serving clients.

We also reach out to the wider community by writing articles, granting interviews, accepting speaking engagements, participating in trade events and publishing a regular newsletter, Green Industry M&A News.

Ron Edmonds

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About Ron Edmonds

Ron Edmonds is founder and president of The Principium Group.  He has focused on lawn and landscape mergers and acquisitions for over 17 years, working on hundreds of transactions.

One of the most recognized names in lawn and landscape mergers & acquisitions, you can find his articles in leading industry trade magazines and meet him at many industry events.

His widely-read newsletter and blog closely tracks lawn and landscape merger & acquisition activity.

Tools for Business Owners


Your business is ready for a transition, but are you?  

PREScore is a tool to analyze your personal readiness to exit your business.  Answer seven questions and receive a personalized report, workbook an an e-book..

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Value Builder Score

Do you have a business that is valuable and sellable?  

Find out how your business ranks on the seven drivers of business value.  Complete the questionnaire and get your score plus a customized detailed 27 page report.

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Value Builder Score.

Value Drives When Selling a Lawncare Business

Value Assessment

Do you understand the value of your business?

Understand the facts of about the value of your business.  We'll calculate the value of your business for planning purposes and  identify opportunities to improve that value.

There is a modest cost or a value assessment 

 of selling your business as a long, tough journey into the backcountry.  You will encounter plenty of obstacles, but if you pack right, you'll be fine.

The first words of The Art of Selling Your Business

by John Warrillow

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Latest Industry M&A News

Here are the latest posts from our blog News and Comment on Green Industry M&A.  We endeavour to cover the entire industry and bring you the news you need to know.  To visit our full blog page for much more, click here.

Funds advised by Apax (the “Apax Funds”) have  agreed to acquire SavATree, a leading, professional

Apax Funds Agree to Acquire SavATree

“Think of selling your business as a long, tough journey into the backcountry.  You will

The Art of Selling Your Business

SavATree, a national tree, shrub and lawn care provider, has acquired Pennsylvania-based company, Giroud Tree

SavATree Acquires Giroud Tree and Lawn in Pennsylvania

Heritage Landscape Supply Group, Inc.   has acquired Atlantic Mulch & Erosion Control, Inc., an independent

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