Franchise Transition Services

Franchises are extremely popular vehicles for small business ownership and are expected to continue to be popular in coming years.  One feature often omitted from franchise programs is a process to facilitate the transfer of ownership from existing franchisees to new ones.  This is a key issue for many franchisors, especially as the baby boomer generation continues to age and move toward retirement.  Many franchisors will find it difficult to continue to grow as successful existing franchisees move toward retirement.

Principium has developed a menu of Franchise Transition Services with the goal of helping franchisors to manage the franchise transition process more effectively and also assist individual franchise owner with developing exit plans which will better allow them to monetize their investment when they are ready to retire or otherwise exit their businesses.

Services are customized for each franchise situation.  The menu of services includes the following:

  • A coordinated program for franchise owners to create exit plans, maximize the value of their businesses and complete a transition, all within the parameters of the franchisor and in compliance with applicable franchise agreements.
  • A customized materials for franchisees covering exit planning concepts in the context of the particular franchise program.
  • Presentations at annual franchisee meetings on exit planning.
  • Private meetings with franchisees during annual franchisee meetings.
  • Articles for franchisee newsletters or “behind the wall” websites.
  • Customized exit planning tools based on the Value Builder Score.

The Principium Group provides services to green industry companies (lawn, landscape, facilities services and home services) in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, exit planning and capital strategies throughout North America.

For further information, please contact:

Ron Edmonds


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