Corporate Development

The Principium Group provides corporate development services to select clients.

Corporate development services range from acting as an outsourced corporate development department to providing specific acquisition services including strategy development, target identification, due diligence and integration planning.

Engaging The Principium Group for corporate development services can add significant value to our clients, especially in situations in which the company is either new to mergers & acquisitions or is seeking to ramp up its M&A activities.  In addition, Principium can support clients when their internal M&A resources are constrained; for example, when there are not enough internal resources to complete projects in a timely manner.

With our high profile in our target industries, we are often able to identify potential targets that meet a client’s objectives and our credibility can open doors in discussions with targets.

Members of the Principium team have worked with many clients on corporate development projects, raging from some of the largest companies in the green industry to local businesses plotting a growth strategy.

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