Essential Services

Being considered an essential service may be an investment theme for lawn and landscape businesses as we learn from the impact of COVID-19.

Federal, state and local governments have instituted a variety of voluntary or mandatory measures limiting business and other activities, such as “shelter in place” or “shelter at home”, in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus.  These limkiting measures have an exception for essential services.  The National Association of Landscape Professionals and ither trade organizations have lobbied to make sure that lawn and landscapoe services are considered essential services and that such business can continue operations during periods when other businesses must discontinue oioerations, at least outside of homes.  In general, these efforts have been successful.  Here is a link to NALP’s in formation in essential services on a state-by-state basis.

Thus should go a long way to cushioning the COVID-19 blow to many lawn and landscape businesses.  Of course, it is critical that when contiunuing operations during such oeriods, that business owners take appropriate steps to protect their employees, their customers nand the public.

I am thinking that, as the dust settles, I can see an investment theme develooping that inesting in essential services may have siome advantages to the investment community.  I expect this to be highlighted in business sale activities.