Green Merger News – December 2012 #2

Some Things to Think About”Between The Holidays”


This year I thought I would share some thoughts “between the holidays” at the end of 2012.

This time of year, many business owners take the opportunity to both look backward over the year that is coming to a close and to look forward and make plans for the coming year.  There is certainly no shortage of articles in trade magazines, blog posts or webinars on various aspects of strategic planning.

One of the topics we hope you are including in your strategic planning is the subject of exit planning.  While relatively few green industry business owners are currently planning the sale of their business in the near future, the reality is that all of us must recognize that our businesses will transition to new owners at some point – through a transfer to family members, a sale to employees or a third-party sale.  The only alternative is to go out of business.  Each alternative requires planning to achieve the objectives that you as the business owner have.   While our expectations may be that the time for a transition is out there somewhere in the future – five, ten or twenty years, the reality is that for some, the time will come much more quickly than we expect – for a whole variety of reasons.  So you may not have as much time to leave your exit strategy on the backburner as you currently believe.

In the event you have a little down time now, here are some things that you can do to make a positive beginning.

One – Begin to clarify your own objectives regarding business transition.  In a perfect world, how long would you want to maintain your ownership and stay active in the leadership role of your business?  Do you know who you would like to transition your business to?  Have you discussed your plans with them?  Do you understand the likely economic impact, after taxes of a transaction?

Two – Do you understand the value of your business?  Many business owners have serious misconceptions about the value of their business based on what they have heard on the street.  They may have heard simple rules of thumb about business value without really understanding how these rules may be applied in their own situation.  Of course, what you have heard that another business owner received for his or her business may not be accurate or the whole story.  It is also sometimes difficult for a business owner to understand the value drivers of his or her business and understand how they compare to another business?

Three – Do you have a plan to improve the value of your business?   That is one of the bright spots of exit planning, because the same efforts that improve the value of your business will likely  make it a better, stronger business even if you have no current plans for a business transition.

Four – Do you have a plan to preserve the value of your business?  In most cases, a business is the business owner’s largest asset.  What would happen to your business is the event of a natural disaster?  (Think Hurricane Sandy)  What would happen to your business if you died or became disabled or for some reason were not able to give leadership to the business for an extended period?  Are there people, inside or outside of your business that could provide leadership in your absence?  Have you discussed the subject with them?  Developing a disaster plan may be one of the best insurance policies you could ever buy.

Also, during this time of the year, business owners may be contemplating a more immediate transition of their businesses.  Others may be contemplating a business acquisition strategy.

If you are thinking about any of these things, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


-Ron Edmonds

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Do You Understand the Value of Your Business?

Consider a Market Value Assessment


Understanding the Value of Your Business is an important step in the Exit Planning Process.  Most business owners do not have a clear idea of the value of their business or understand the important factors that drive that value.  Understanding the value of your business will help you plan for the future and will also allow you as a business owner to take constructive steps to improve that value over time.

The Prinicpium Group offers a cost-effective approach we call the Market Value Assessment.  The Market Value Assessment provides a valuation for your business based on established methods and industry conditions for planning purposes.  It also will specifically identify importqant factoprs that affect the value of your particular business.

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