New York’s Blondie’s Treehouse Merges with Brooklyn’s Opiary

Blondie’s Treehouse, Inc. is proud to announce a new partnership with Opiary, a Brooklyn-based green design and high-end landscape company founded in 2012 by Robert Remer, an architect, sculptor, and garden designer.

Robert Remer’s visionary products remind us that good design has soul AND an irreverent sense of humor.The Opiary line of unique custom plantersaresculptural, organic, sensuousshapes informed by a completely modern take on nature and abstract art, made with ancient and cutting edge materials. Lines include containers forrooftops, terraces, and gardens, fountains, green walls, indoor outdoor furniture, and sculpture, as well as bespoke pieces employing innovative GFRC fabrication.

Robert Remer describes the partnership: ‘Opiary is very pleased with theopportunity topartner with such a large, capable, and respected green design firm as BTH.

Thepartnershipwill give Blondie’s Treehouse its first fabrication studio dedicated to designing and producing planters, containers, and furniture, allowing Blondie’s Treehouse to offer clients unprecedented levels ofeditorialdesign.

Opiary maintains offices and workspace in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, a world renowned design hub and home to Robert Remer’s ancestral roots. Opiary’s team of artisans joins the BTH family, effective immediately.

‘To preserve our place as the leading full-service landscape design/build firm in New York City, we must remain a source for cutting edge products, and Robert Remer’s one-of-a-kind sculptural creations are just that- gorgeous, functional and completely unique. They really are the perfect fit for our designs and our clients, says Howard K. Freilich, President and CEO of Blondie’s Treehouse. ‘Together Blondie’s Treehouse and Opiary will better provide our clients with a blend of smart, custom design and the expertise of a busy, productive team of landscape construction professionals.

 Blondie’s Treehouse is a leading full services landscape design/build/maintain firm serving clients in the Tri-State area and nationally. Since being founded in 1979, BTH has grown from a local interior plant care company to a national vendor with hundreds of clients representing projects of all sizes, and over 100 full time employees. The brainchild of President and CEO Howard K. Freilich, Blondie’s Treehouse continues to grow, accruing top industry talent and serving clients by creating distinctive green spaces for people to enjoy.

Opiary is a respected green design and landscape company based in Brooklyn, NY. It’s unique, innovative made-to-order planters and furniture are truly one of a kind, and reflect the cohesion of high design and modern fabrication techniques.