Sheridan Landscaping Acquires Whitbeck’s Treecare

Sheridan Landscaping, a hardscape, landscape, and grounds maintenance company of Plymouth, MA recently acquired another local business: Whitbeck’s Treescape. Whitbeck’s Treescape has been serving the people of Plymouth and the surrounding area with landscaping, property maintenance, and tree services for almost 30 years.

Whitbeck’s Treescape was founded by Mr. Dale Whitbeck in 1992. Matt Sheridan, the owner of Sheridan Landscaping, said he has known Mr. Whitbeck for several years. They had been in discussions about merging for a time, but the decision was finalized this past winter. With this acquisition, Mr. Whitbeck will stay on as the head of Sheridan Landscaping’s new maintenance division.

“Dale is an excellent manager, and he’s proven over the years that he knows how to run and oversee this type of business successfully,” says Sheridan. “We’re all very excited to have him on as the operations manager of the maintenance division. He’s given us high hopes for the future.”

Sheridan says the acquisition came about because Sheridan’s own customers have long been interested in contracting his company for maintenance work.

“For years, people have been asking us to maintain their hardscape and landscape projects after we complete them,” says Sheridan. “We’ve been wanting to offer maintenance services as a package deal for our larger projects, especially. Now we have the capability to do that, and we want to do more. We want to be able to offer maintenance services for every single one of our projects.”

Sheridan Landscaping has taken on most of Whitbeck’s commercial accounts as part of the process, including the Old Sandwich Golf Club, Hilton, Bertucci’s, and other commercial accounts located at a shopping center, Colony Place at Plymouth.

Matt Sheridan said this key acquisition gives his company a good foundation to grow their maintenance service. He also said that Whitbeck’s many customers can expect the same quality of service they received before, but with even more capabilities:

“People are excited because now they can go to the same contractor they’ve always trusted for much bigger projects. We can do hardscapes, lawn care, fertilizer, mulching, weeding, shrub planting, irrigation, and more,” says Sheridan.

“We’ve got more resources at our disposal than ever, so we’re ready to take on the bigger jobs like subdivision maintenance and large commercial contracts. We can truly offer you everything. We want to take all the great work Whitbeck’s Treescape has done and make it bigger and better.”