SavATree Acquires Arbor Experts in Dayton


SavATree, a natiional professional tree, shrub, and lawn care has joined forces with Arbor Experts of Dayton, Ohio. This marks SavATree’s entry into the Ohio market as they continue their national expansion.  SavATree is a posrtfolio company of CI Capital Partners. “We are pleased to have found a highly reputable partner who shares our commitment to quality, reliability and professionalism,” commented SavATree Executive Chairman Daniel van Starrenburg. “Like SavATree, Arbor Experts places a high value on knowledge, training and safety. Because our philosophies are so closely aligned, we are confident we will make a great team.” Founded by Paul and … Read more

COVID-19 and Private Equity

COVID-19 and Private Equity

Much of the merger and acquisition activity in the landscape services sector in recent years has been driven, directly or indirectly, by private equity investment.  To understand the overall impact of COVID-19 on landscape industry M&A, we need to consider the impact on private equity. Here is a brief overview of how private equity may react to the current business climate and COVID-19. To understand the potential impact, it is important to understand that private equity comes in many flavors.  There are three major strands of private equity – “traditional” private equity, unfunded sponsors and family offices. The difference is … Read more

Due Diligence After COVID-19

Due diligence is likely to look a little bit different after COVID-19.  You can expect investors and buyers to be very carefulo to conduct adequate due diligence to avoid taking on unexpected risk. With COVID-19, business travel has been substantially curtailed.  Some of that limitation is likely to continue well into the future.  Fortunately, a great deal of due diligence is now usually conducted through so-called “Virtual Data Rooms” (that provide buyers and their advisors with controlled access to company documents in a secure cloud environment.  A virtual data room is now an absolute necessity. With less travel and a … Read more

Essential Services

Being considered an essential service may be an investment theme for lawn and landscape businesses as we learn from the impact of COVID-19. Federal, state and local governments have instituted a variety of voluntary or mandatory measures limiting business and other activities, such as “shelter in place” or “shelter at home”, in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus.  These limkiting measures have an exception for essential services.  The National Association of Landscape Professionals and ither trade organizations have lobbied to make sure that lawn and landscapoe services are considered essential services and that such business can continue operations … Read more

First Thoughts on the Impact of COVID-19

FIrst Thoughts on COVID-19 Impact

It is still early to effectively evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and various related actions on the lower middle-market.  Different people have different perspectives and the scenario is continues to evolve rapidly.  Certainly at least two factors will have a big impact, including how long it takes to safely get the workforce back to work and how deep and long a recession we may fall into.  However, we are beginning to get a perspective on what we can reasonably expect. We will attempt to evaluate what impact COVID-19 is likely to have on landscape services mergers & acquisitions, … Read more