BrightView Acquires Russo Lawn and Landscape in Hartford, Connecticut

BrightViewDuring BrightView Holdings’s earnings release conference call today, BrightView CEO Andrew Masterman announced that BrightView had completed its most recent acquisition, Russo Lawn and Landscape in Hartford, Connecticut. Masterman described thus acquisition as follows: “In line with our strong-on-strong approach, this transaction enhances our presence in a top 50 metropolitan area, positioning BrightView as the undisputed leader in the region. In the short-term, we will have a modest amount of revenue around $5 million and in the long term we expect to benefit from being the go-to commercial landscaper in that market.”

Masterman added: “Our acquisition pipeline remains robust and we’re focused on executing our strong-on-strong strategy, being selective to ensure that we’re integrating accretive customer relationships, top tier operators, and talented landscapers into the BrightView brand. We will seek opportunities mainly in our evergreen markets where year round maintenance and ancillary demand are the greatest. Of course, it does not preclude us from any acquisitions in our seasonal markets as well.”