Preparing Your Business for Sale

Preparing a business for sale is not usually one of an entrepreneur or small business owner’s highest priorities. The complications of the day-to-day running of a business often keep business owners from effectively planning for the future. Nevertheless, most business owners ultimately have to confront the reality of needing to sell their business. Oftentimes, the need to sell is triggered by unforeseen circumstances, such as death or disability, a divorce or other circumstances which may put extra pressure on the situation and make effective planning and decisions very difficult. Some basic steps taken well in advance will help facilitate a … Read more

Making Your Business Attractive to Potential Buyers – Understanding the Value Drivers

Most sellers are aware that that there are “rules of thumb” or industry standards that suggest that businesses in certain industries should sell for a specific multiple of revenues or cash flows. Many times sellers are disappointed that there business does not generate offers at or near the “rules of thumb.” This can happen for a variety of reasons – you can be selling at an inopportune time or, for a variety of reasons, your business may not be attractive to the buyers who are willing to pay top dollar. One important issue is that there are two general types … Read more

Valuing Your Business

As a business owner considers placing his or her company on the market, ascertaining the proper value for the company is critical. Too often the owner assigns an unrealistic and unachievable arbitrary value then proceeds into the sale process only to be disappointed with the market’s response. As a result, the asking price is reduced several times. During this unfortunate period buyer prospects and valuable time is lost. In truth, a company’s value is determined by a compilation of factors such as the company’s sales, earnings, performance, market outlook, personnel, net book value and fair market replacement value of equivalent … Read more

Wolf Tree joins Davey Tree

KENT, OH — The Davey Tree Expert Company has acquired Wolf Tree Experts, Inc., a tree service company based in Knoxville, Tenn. Wolf Tree is 700 employees strong with a service area covering 13 states. Expected annualized revenues are in excess of $40 million. Their customers include rural electric co-ops, municipalities, and investor-owned utilities. They will operate as a wholly-owned Davey subsidiary. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. This acquisition is Davey’s twelfth within the past two years and largest to date. Wolf Tree was established in 1926 by Jacob L. Wolf, a man dedicated to providing safe and … Read more

The Care of Trees joins Davey Tree

KENT, Ohio, June 30, 2008 – The Davey Tree Expert Company, North America’s original and largest residential tree care company, has merged with The Care of Trees, Inc., one of the nation’s top three premier residential/commercial tree service organizations. Davey Tree, founded in 1880 by John Davey, provides diversified services and technical consulting to the utility industry, state and federal governments, large commercial properties, and golf and sports facilities, in addition to the residential market. In 2007, Davey had consolidated revenues of $506 million. Employee-owned since 1979, Davey is the 16th largest majority employee-owned company in the United States, according … Read more